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quality control

Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

At Jumbo Plastics, the notion of quality goes beyond a simple protocol. We regard it as a guiding principle that informs all of our decisions and actions. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) require meticulous attention to detail, and we spare no effort to ensure that every product that departs our factory exemplifies excellence and dependability.

When our customers place their trust in our products, they require the reassurance that comes from our facility’s meticulously designed and implemented quality control protocols.

Jumbo Plastics industry Quality Control w

Our Quality Certifications

Jumbo Plastics Quality Control Department is responsible for the daily quality verification of production, adhering to the ISO certified quality control system and handling customer complaints.

The hallmark of Jumbo Plastics Quality control team is its proactive approach to quality which often results in improved processes, better products, cost-savings and new bench-marks of efficiency.

Jumbo Plastics UAE ISO 9001 14001
Jumbo Labordata Cert
The Process

Detailed Quality Control Procedures

Here's a more in-depth look at our extensive quality control protocols

Thorough Inspection and Testing of Raw Materials

We believe that quality begins with the raw materials. Therefore, each shipment of raw materials we receive undergoes stringent inspection and testing. Using cutting-edge testing equipment, our specialists examine the consistency of material quality.

This rigorous verification procedure ensures that our FIBCs contain only premium polymers sourced from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Extensive Analysis of Finished Products

Our dedication to quality extends to the very last stage of production. Before any product is shipped, it undergoes a thorough evaluation procedure. This includes a variety of tests that evaluate dimensions, tensile strength, and load capacity, among other characteristics.

Our objective is to mimic as closely as possible the conditions that our FIBCs will encounter in the real world. In this way, we ensure that our bags are not only functional, but also exceed customer expectations for durability and dependability.

By conducting these exhaustive tests, we are able to confidently guarantee that our FIBCs will perform effectively even under the most demanding conditions.

Implementation of Advanced Quality Control Mechanisms

In order to enhance our quality assurance, our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated quality control mechanisms. With these advanced technologies, we are able to monitor every step of our production process in great detail. Real-time information on the material’s integrity, textile quality, and stitching strength enables us to immediately identify and correct any potential deviations from our strict quality standards.

Assuring precision, consistency, and, most importantly, maintaining the exceptional quality of our products is only possible thanks to the technological advances we’ve made in our quality control process.

Periodic Certifications provided by LABORDATA

Our dedication to reaching and exceeding international quality standards is validated by periodic certifications from LABORDATA, a globally renowned FIBC material testing laboratory. We are proud to possess certifications for different sizes and safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 1 to 2.5 metric tons.

These certifications are a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.

Jumbo Labordata Cert

At Jumbo Plastics, we recognize that the quality of our FIBCs has an immediate impact on the success of your operations. Our dedication to quality ensures the dependability of our products, providing our consumers with the peace of mind they deserve.

By selecting Jumbo Plastics Industry, you are not only selecting a product, but also a guarantee of superiority, dependability, and quality.

Jumbo Plastics Quality Control
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