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FIBC Components

In addition to our high-quality finished Jumbo Bags, Jumbo Plastics is also pleased to provide a variety of FIBC components. We recognize that adaptability and customization are essential for addressing specific needs, so we provide high-quality materials for your specific requirements. Our components, from yarn and fabrics to loops and PE liner, are meticulously crafted to the same quality and performance standards that our customers have come to expect from our finished products.

PP Yarn: The durability and resilience of a FIBC begin with the yarn. We offer premium multifilament yarn produced from premium polymers to ensure exceptional tensile strength and longevity. Our textile is not only durable but also resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet radiation, making it an ideal material for producing FIBCs that are long-lasting and dependable.

PP Fabrics: We offer a variety of Polypropylene (PP) fabrics suited for a variety of FIBC manufacturing applications. These fabrics are woven with precision and attention to detail to provide maximum strength and longevity. They possess a high tearing resistance, ensuring that your bags can withstand rigorous handling and environmental conditions.

PE Liners: Our Polyethylene (PE) liners provide your products with an additional layer of protection. Designed to protect against moisture, dust, and other contaminants, these liners increase the protection and durability of your products during storage and transport. Our PE liners are manufactured with superior-grade materials to preserve the integrity of the product, making them a dependable option for sensitive and valuable items.

PP Loops: Our loops, which are integral to the safety and management of FIBCs, are meticulously crafted. These components are constructed to withstand substantial load stresses, ensuring safe and efficient lifting and transportation. Our loops are available in a variety of sizes and GSMs to accommodate the specific load-bearing requirements of your operations.

At Jumbo Plastics, we believe in supplying you with comprehensive FIBC options. Our extensive selection of FIBC components enables us to meet your specific needs while guaranteeing superior quality and performance. Trust in our dedication to excellence as we endeavor to provide you with the best.

Technical Specifications

PP Yarn:

650 – 5000 D

For Square Design: (Flat Fabric)

DimensionFabric Weight Lamination Lamination Thickness
70 – 145 cm 60 – 260 GSM Inside, Outside, Both sides15 – 65 micron

For Tubular Design: (Circular Fabric)

DimensionFabric Weight Lamination Lamination Thickness
150 – 200 cm 100 – 260 GSM Inside, Outside, Both sides15 – 65 micron

PE Liner

WidthLiner Thickness
25 – 215 mm 50 – 150 micron


WidthLoop Weight
25 – 100 mm 25 – 80 GSM

Old Aiport Road, Al Hashimi Tower 701, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates