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our mission

Custom solutions, unique manufacturing process & quality, crafted by talent.


We are the first in the UAE to have advanced machinery for the extrusion of PP tapes and PP multifilament yarns, allowing us to produce superior quality materials with high output efficiency.


Our 6 and 8 shuttle looms are equipped with smart sensors for the weaving process to ensure the production of high-quality fabric with exceptional strength and durability. With the capability to detect defects immediately, our machines minimize downtime and guarantee a consistent output of superior quality


We utilize advanced needle looms to produce strong loops for various types of handling, ensuring that our bags can withstand the demands of transportation and storage

Quality Inspection

We rigorously test and sample throughout the extrusion, weaving, and webbing process to ensure consistent quality in every final product


Our advanced coating extrusion plant features a built-in cleaning and vacuuming system, an adhesion management system, and a control mechanism for producing consistently strong and clean coatings on fabrics.


Our cutting process utilizes high-speed machines with automated systems for precision and efficiency in producing panels of preset cut length for jumbo bags. The machines feature web aligning systems, pneumatic cutter movement, and PLC controlled servo drives for reliability


Our printing capability allows us to feature custom logos in up to three colors on our products.


At our facility, our skilled and experienced sewing machine operators use modern equipment to perform various types of folds and stitching patterns tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Our expertise and adaptability ensure consistent, high-quality results

Cleaning & Quality Inspection

At this stage in production, our final product undergoes thorough inspection and blow cleaning to eliminate any contamination. Rigorous quality checks are also performed, and random samples are taken for testing to ensure consistent quality


Our advanced baling machines and efficient folding techniques are employed to fold, press, wrap, and prepare the jumbo bags for dispatch. Each bag is set on a heattreated pallet, covered with protective sheets, and ready for delivery

Old Aiport Road, Al Hashimi Tower 701, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates